LIMIT YOUR WORK: Use only a few samples of your strongest, most up to date work—However, include a bit of each set skill. Example: Instructional Design, e-Learning Projects,  Educational Games, Video Podcasts, Performance Interviews, Curriculum Development etc….

KEEP IT OPEN: Make your portfolio clean, open and professional looking – remove all clutter. Make sure its easy to navigate and text is readable.

TARGET: Keep your demos/portfolio targeted to your audience. Do some research on the industry/businesses you wish to work for. If you are trying to reach early childhood education use primary colors and child related imagery. If you are wanting to move into the corporate industry, then have your site reflect that type of style.

As a e-learning specialist, instructional designer or educational technology expert, it would benefit you greatly to have an online presence.  It is essential to showcase samples of your work and knowledge of the industry. You can use elements from your research project, webcast, action research, etc..

FREE BLOG / WEBSITE TEMPLATES: Below are a few sites where you can showcase your work:

SAMPLES: Examples of actual Educational Technology blogs/websites :


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