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Are you interested to became an eLearning Industry Blogger?

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Are you interested to post on eLearningIndustry.com?

You are welcome to contribute content on eLearningIndustry.com The editorial team of the eLearningIndustry.com will review all submissions and publish all suitable content. We will personally notify you when your post will be posted and we will included a link to you website or social media profile (LinkedIn, Facebook, Blog, Twitter, etc).

Why to contribute content to The eLearningindustry.com?

We are interested to include blog posts to the following topics:

  • eLearning and instructional design best practices
  • eLearning industry news
  • eLearning Demos (actual products or solutions you have built)
  • eLearning problems and how you solve them
  • Personal experience with educational technologies such as LMS, authoring tools, etc

Guest Writer Guidelines

  • Posts must be written by the author and not stolen from other blogs, sites, etc.
  • Posts must be non-promotional.
  • Guest posts are unpaid.
  • Guest post will include a link to your profile!

We will not publish

  • Any content that is not suitable for the audience
  • Any sales content that serves only promotional purposes
  • Articles that have already been published at your site or blog. You are free to publish your article at your site or blog after we publish it!

How do I apply?

Please send an email to posts [at] elearningindustry [dot] com and do not forget to include the following information:

  • Author Byline: brief bio with a link to information about you, for example LinkedIn. It will be added at the top of your post!
  • Title: tell the readers what the post is about (75 characters maximum)
  • Content: based on our readers feedback use subheading, structured paragraphs with bullets and numbers, and bold and italics for emphasis.
  • Images: suitable to your content (for Free Images check The Ultimate list of Free Stock Photos Sites for eLearning). If necessary indicate the source of image for credits.
  • External Links: related to your content. Irrelevant links means that your post will not be published!
  • References: if applicable
  • Copyright: you must be the copyright owner!
  • Length: from 500 to 1000 words
  • Format: Word
  • Keywords: include a list of keywords (at least 3) to make easier for our readers to find additional information.

After we approve you article you can Register your account at The eLearning Industry and then…

  • we will give you “Author Rights“!
  • You will be featured as an elearning Industry Bloggers
  • You will be featured at the Main page as eLearning Industry Featured Blogger
  • The article will have your signature “Written by… YOU!”

We reserve the right to edit your article to fit our audience.

If you have questions or concerns do not hesitate to contact us posts [at] elearningindustry [dot] com


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