Your Ticket to Great Instructional Design

Instructional design is certainly not an easy business. Having been in the learning, training and development industry for more than 27 years, I can assertively say so. Instructional designers shoulder the important responsibility of sugar-coating the critical learning content in such a manner that training becomes not just a mandatory activity, but something that employees love. Now how do you do that? How can you possibly turn something boring into something that employees love? The answer to that is what differentiates a good instructional design from a poor one.


At the heart of it lies a thorough understanding of the employees who are going to take up this eLearning course. Are they the young, flexible and typically social-media-and-technology savvy generation or are they (say) workers in a manufacturing unit and who have little knowledge of the latest technologies? Since we are talking about eLearning here, the way you approach your audience will be directly based on their level of comfort with operating technological devices like PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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