30 Top Online Resources for Instructional Designers

30 Top Online Resources For Instructional DesignersID is an interesting domain to be involved in. On the one hand, you are continuously learning about different work environments as you are called upon to resolve different performance issues. On the other hand, your understanding of the domain, and your role in it, changes over time.

As an instructional designer, you start by learning a whole lot of theories and models. You refine your understanding of these models as you use them in different situations and projects. After a few years you realize that instructional design is more an art rather than just pure science – it is a skill honed with experience, and can’t really be narrowed down into a set of guidelines that will fit every situation. Not every qualified instructional designer is able to create great learning experiences.

The domain is itself constantly evolving with the advances in technology & tools and and a better & deeper understanding of how we learn’. Learner profiles are gradually changing (for instance, more people use smart phones that let them access information on the Internet at any time) and organizations themselves are moving through the stages of workplace learning. The role of learning designers is beginning to change from being creators of learning interventions to creators (and facilitators) of learning environments. The very nature of the domain, evolution of technology, and the changing role of instructional designers makes it difficult but essential to keep learning and quite simply, to keep up.

Here is a list of top 30 blogs and websites that Instructional Designers would be interested in. Some of them focus exclusively on how to create better learning experiences. Others offer tips and tricks on how to improve efficiencies or manage clients better. And some explain technological aspects that Instructional Designers should be aware of.

  1. Adventures in Corporate Education by Gina Minks
  2. aLearning Blog by Ellen
  3. Big Dog, Little Dog by Donald Clark
  4. Bozarthzone by Jane Bozarth
  5. Cammy Bean’s Learning Visions by Cammy Bean
  6. Discovery Through eLearning by Tracy Hamilton
  7. E L S U A ~ A KM Blog Thinking Outside The Inbox by Luis Suarez
  8. e-Learning Authoring Research Blog by Michael Allen
  9. E-Learning Curve Blog by Michael Hanley
  10. e-Learning Leadership Blog by Ethan Edwards
  11. eLearning Roadtrip by Ellen Wagner
  12. eLearning Technology by Tony Karrer
  13. Free as in Freedom by Sumeet Moghe
  14. ID and Other Reflections by Sahana Chattopadhyay
  15. ID Crossroads by John Parsell and John Caputo
  16. Informal Software
  17. Information Is Beautiful by David McCandless
  18. Instructional Design by Example by Janet Clarey
  19. Integrated Learning Services
  20. Jonathan’s ID by Jonathan Atleson
  21. Kapp Notes by Karl Kapp
  22. Learning Conversations by Mark Berthelemy
  23. Making Change by Cathy Moore
  24. Networked Learning Design – Occasional rants by Patrick Dunn
  25. PsyBlog by Jeremy Dean
  26. Synthesizing Education by Aaron Eyler
  27. The eLearning Coach by Connie Malamed
  28. The Rapid eLearning Blog
  29. The Writers Gateway by Rupa Rajagopalan
  30. Understanding Graphics by Connie Malamed

(Shameless insert) And of course there are a few interesting resources on this very blog as well – you can find them under the Instructional Design category: Upside Learning Blog/Instructional Design

I hope you find this list useful.

Do share any more good online resources that you feel could be added to this.


30 Top Online Resources For Instructional Designers To Keep Up With


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