20 Sites To Learn Photoshop

In this article, we are going to share 20 websites that offer great Photoshop tutorials for both beginners and intermediate users.

Most websites offer easy Photoshop tutorials for beginners and also some have more complex Photoshop tutorials for the intermediate user. You can also learn Photoshop and use Photoshop appropriately by going into forums and discussing it with other users.

Let’s start off with a handy website called 10steps.sg. This site offers multiples samples of Photoshop images. These samples are normally used as templates or as an inspiration for designing your own masterpiece. The templates cover everything from name cards to blog designs. Freebies such as Photoshop brushes and custom shapes are also available.

Abduzeedo is a website where there is a handy collection of tutorials and visual inspirations. Tutorials range from the beginner’s designing to much more complex currency designing. It also offers a wide variety of downloadable textures to fulfil your background needs anytime, anywhere.

Learn Photoshop CS5
There’s no place like home. And what better place to learn Photoshop than from its official website, Adobe. Photoshop has come out with a new and improved version called CS5. Going to this website is like going to the teacher himself. This website mainly caters to the strategy of creating masterpieces and also has a variety of Photoshop tools readily available for download.

Gomediazine is largely a voluntary effort made possible by people who are passionate about electronic designing. Tons of tutorials, downloads and more freebies await you. Video tutorials are also available for your ease and comfort. Best of all, it is always updated with more templates and downloads on a daily basis.

If variety is what you look for, then Grafpedia is your choice. Grafpedia offers you more than 70,000 items for designers and the numbers are rising quick. You will go insane with their vast selection and find yourself in a place where everything is just one click away. However, this website requires registration to access the items. It is still the best value for your money though.

Layers Magazine
Layers Magazine offers you not only Adobe Photoshop tutorials, but also tutorials for Adobe illustrator, Adobe flash and so much more. They also have reviews on the best hardware e.g. DSLR cameras and its accessories to get you one step closer to that perfect picture. Photoshop templates and brushes are also readily available for download.

Lorelei Web Design
Lorelei Web Design offers you a whole lot of tutorials and downloads for all your Photoshop needs. It also features a separate section just to enlighten you on all the A’s and B’s of photo editing. Some templates might not be free but they are good and are worth downloading.

Photoshop Tutorials
Photoshop tutorials not only offers you help on designing pictures, but also on things like animation, drawing, layouts and much more. Its easy-to-navigate website makes things a whole lot easier. Photoshop brushes, gradients and template are also available for download by the hundreds. Truly a site to be visited.

Planet Photoshop
Planet Photoshop does correspond to its name. It’s all about Photoshop that will make you go ‘wow’. Tutorials for just about anything regarding Photoshop are available and in case you don’t find what you need, there is a forum for you to ask and get your answer. Planet Photoshop is also updated on a daily basis for your learning needs.

PSD Burn
PSDBurn is a website that shows you how to turn everyday items into Photoshop masterpieces. There are simple tutorials for simple and easy projects. Do not underestimate this website because to build something complex, you will need to learn the basics now, don’t you?

Ps Deluxe
PSDeluxe is mainly a blog for Photoshop enthusiast the tutorials are regularly updated along with their freebies and powerful tools that will make your work much easier. Premium membership is available for the true enthusiasts for as low as USD$4.99 per month.

PSDFan offers you lots of tutorials for your Photoshop needs. Freebies are also available by the hundreds. You can also get access into their interview section where you can see great artists being interviewed and also learn one or two of their secrets on becoming a great Photoshop artist.

PSD Learning
PSD Learning is a great web for enhancing special effects in your pictures. You can add blood or slime oozing out from the walls and also manipulate the text. Fonts, templates and inspirations are widely available. The website is simple and easy to navigate which makes it more effective.

PSD Tut+
PSD Tut+ is a site made for the average Photoshop user. With its vast tutorials and freebies, nothing is impossible in Photoshop. Along with it, comes a friendly and simple way of explaining the tutorial which is always a bonus. You can also upload your own tutorial in order to help others.

Psd Vibe
Psd Vibe offers you a whole lot of tutorials and freebies for your Photoshop project. It is a handy website for designing business templates and also for social templates. You will be spoilt with their vast freebies and tutorials.

PS Hero
PS Hero is a website where graphic designs meet photo effects. Create your very own graphics using a photo of yourself. It could be from standing on top of a plane or maybe a picture of you waving from another planet. It’s all here in PS Hero.

Pxleyes has what it takes to inspire someone. It is saturated with all sorts of inspirational photos that will get you clicking away in Photoshop. It also features various tricks and tips of using Photoshop the right way.

Tutorial9 is one of the more famous websites out there for Photoshop. It features a wide variety of tutorials from creating simple objects to using the right tool for the right task. A lot of freebies are also available for download.

Tutorialwiz is a great website for creating images from scratch. It includes tutorials from how to modify a known image to how to design your very own universe in Photoshop. What it has is magic, so head on over now!

Tutzor is more of an online tutor of Photoshop. It features more than a thousand tutorials on just about anything in Photoshop. If you are a total newbie, this is the place to go. There’s no place better.

—By Dicky Lim
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