Your Ticket to Great Instructional Design

Instructional design is certainly not an easy business. Having been in the learning, training and development industry for more than 27 years, I can assertively say so. Instructional designers shoulder the important responsibility of sugar-coating the critical learning content in such a manner that training becomes not just a mandatory activity, but something that employees love. Now how do you do that? How can you possibly turn something boring into something that employees love? The answer to that is what differentiates a good instructional design from a poor one.


At the heart of it lies a thorough understanding of the employees who are going to take up this eLearning course. Are they the young, flexible and typically social-media-and-technology savvy generation or are they (say) workers in a manufacturing unit and who have little knowledge of the latest technologies? Since we are talking about eLearning here, the way you approach your audience will be directly based on their level of comfort with operating technological devices like PCs, smartphones and tablets.

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11 Tips for Choosing The Best Learning Management System

by Christopher Pappas

In this article, I’ll share 11 tips that will help you to choose the best learning management system (LMS) based on your company’s needs. From scalability to usability, I will delve into the various things you may want to consider when searching for your Best Learning Management System.

11 Tips for Choosing The Best Learning Management SystemHow To Choose The Best Learning Management System Based On Your Company’s Needs

Given that there are so many LMSs on the eLearning market today, finding the best one for your company doesn’t seem an easy task. In fact, selecting the best Learning Management System for your company’s training needs can take a great deal of time and money. There are so many things to keep in mind, such as whether or not the LMS has the features you’re looking for, or if it’s going to fit into your company’s training budget. With that being said, there are a few tricks to finding the best Learning Management System for your company’s training needs.        Read More

“I Wish I Knew That Before I Created My Portfolio!”

  • Design, Education October 15, 2014
    10 Tips for Landing Your First (or Next) Design Job
    Ring goes the school bell! Education Month continues here on the ADC Blog, and we reached out to the ADC community to ask teachers, mentors and all-around educators (official or otherwise) to share the tips and tricks that they teach in the classroom
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  • Top 10 Instructional Designer Skills

    e6b24df417ad7ceb7a489b8a35382a8c-1 by Christopher Pappas All jobs require a certain set of talents and skills, whether natural or acquired. But what skills does an instructional designer need in order to be successful and stand out? Check out the following comprehensive list and bear in mind that it can be expanded depending on the course, its scope and the audience.      Read More

    eLearning Guild Research: How Should We Measure Training’s Value?

    “How does L&D begin to contribute to performance improvements in the order of 10 – 20%? Beyond ROI: The Value of Learning provides valuable approaches needed by all CLOs for establishing the necessary partnerships and eliciting evidence of effective learning application, in context.”
    In the summer of 2009, my friend Saul Carliner, now associate professor and provost fellow for eLearning at Concordia University in Montreal, was part of a discussion in Training Magazine about whether ROI (return on investment) was worthwhile for measuring training’s value.

    Infographics: A Visual Link to Learning

    By Nathan Bellato / December 2013

    We live in a society of information overload with technological access at every corner and, more than ever, people complaining that they simply “just don’t have the time.” We are expected to filter the constant bombardment of mostly insignificant information, making it difficult to find out what is relevant, important, and crucial to our everyday lives.

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    Stop Trying to Formalize Informal Learning!


    by Stephanie IvecDecember 17, 2013


    “We are all lifelong learners, and we’re seeking and delivering knowledge in our social networks every day. As learning and development professionals, we need to encourage both informal and formal learning and provide a place to store all types of knowledge for access by the entire organization. Today’s eLearning tools are offering us more and more opportunities to do so. It’s up to us to take advantage of them.”